Privacy Policy


The following contains the privacy policy for Damytravel, and applies to information submitted to this website, informing the public of the following:

1.    How information is collected from users of this website, its use and where it will be shared

2.    Options made available to users of this website in respect to this use of this information

3.    Security measures put up to protect user’s information

4.    Procedures to correct inaccurate information on the website 

Information collection and use

Damytravel may collect information through any of the following activities on the website:

●     Upload or download of content from the website

●     Response to promotions

●     Sign up

●     Make use of the website for bookings or reservations

●     Access or use any of the services provided on the website

●     Through cookies we send to your computer to assess how well the website functions for you, to the end that user experience is enhanced.


We may disclose your information in certain instances as aforementioned

Your information security

It is in our sincere desire to protect the information you submit to this website;thus, we enable you to:

●     Turn off cookies in your browser

●     Disengage with any form of marketing communications by unsubscribing to any of the marketing emails sent to you.


Damytravel website contains details and links to third party sites. Please note that we are in no way liable for the information or privacy practices of these third-party websites

Promotions and Surveys

We may decide to hold contests or perform surveys, requesting certain data from participants. You have the choice to participate in this survey or not, in the act to not make this information available on our website. 

Information may include (but is not limited to): name, age, demographics, and contact details. We request contact information in order to get in touch with the winners of a contest or to share the result of a survey.


This policy is applicable only to data collected on our website at and not offline.

Terms and Conditions

To view our T&Cs please visit the appropriate section on the website

User Consent

You hereby consent to our privacy policy by your use of this website.